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13 June: we catch a train to Osnabrück... which isn't that simple, because the new Hauptbahnhof (formerly Lehrter Bahnhof) is now finally finished (just in time for the World Cup?), and major trains don't stop at Zoo any more. We were going to change at Spandau, but the incoming train is late, ie. we'll miss our connection at Spandau. Luckily there's still enough time to hop on the S-Bahn to Hauptbahnhof. It's all made of glass & steel and looks impressive, but it's 100% no smoking here. Oh well, we don't have long to wait for our train.

It's an extremely hot day - 34C in Osnabrück when we get there - and of course the air conditioning on the train breaks down halfway through the journey - grrrrr!!!

Akiko jumps into the shower the minute we arrive at our hotel, then we go out for a quick walk around the town (mad, isn't it? It's only because our friend Margaret has never been here before and wants to take some tourist photos.)

A funny lion by the fountain.

A sculpture, die Lügner (the Liars) by Nicolas Dings, outside our hotel.

Dinner at the nearest restaurant we can find (because it's too hot to walk!): my salad with calamari, prawns and smoked salmon.

And now it's time for a smoke... :-)

14 June: Get up early to catch our train to Cologne. It's already very hot at 9AM. Soon after we get to the station, we find out that our train is 70 minutes delayed!! So we have to catch the next train and then change at Münster. We could have stayed in bed longer, had we known! (Yes, we were in the hotel bar until 2AM the night before...) At least the air-con is working on the train we finally catch, but it's delayed even further :-((((
We finally make it to KHM around 1:30PM, and sit down in wife's office/abode to cool down. UsaKousa are fascinated by a "void" shirt they've found hanging on the back of a chair.

Julia Scher, the new professor who will be taking over from Valie Export in the autumn, and David, with both their cameras on, during the brief guided tour of the school.

Outside the school's latest wing & the cafeteria.
We're a bit late for wife's 2PM seminar, and it takes a little while to set everything up. Of course UsaKousa want to have some hands-on action on the vision-mixer. (And we love wife's hair in this photo :-)
Kousa spots a piece of string hanging in the middle of the TV studio and decides to play with it. Click on the image to view an MPEG-4 file (33 seconds, 1.2MB).

UsaKousa keeping an eye on the students in the studio??

Well, soon they're going to be involved a little more closely, as you'll see in Part 2.