Saturday 18 October: We're invited to dinner with our friend Atsuko and her family.

Ayu, the local freshwater fish, miso soup with clams, salad, sushi.

Kamchatka crab legs, salmon roe, marinated salmon, cooked herring (all from Hokkaido), pickled sweet red turnip.
Sunday 19 October: Dinner for 7 at Hitomi's house. She and her family had just been to Tokyo Fish Market, and I'd ordered some stuff from Kanazawa too...

Sweet potatoes cooked with lemon; scallops, tuna and sweet shrimps sashimi.

Grilled marinated squid (from Kanazawa), gourd.

Grilled shishamo (smelt) from Hokkaido.

Deep fried and marinated aubergine, sake from Fukui.

Grilled uni!

A bunch of apple bunnies huddling up against nashi pears.
Tuesday 21 October: Dinner for 6 at our favourite restaurant Nomura.

I like the sake jug, which looks like a bunny-size deep kettle.

Assorted sashimi for 3.

Grilled scallops (there are 6 pieces, but I eat them all on my own :-)

Grilled elephant garlic. This is just one clove sliced - they are even bigger than the elephant garlic that Cynthia once brought back for us from Isle of Wight.

A bulb seems to consist of only 2-3 cloves, each one about the size of Kousa's head!!

Oysters in miso broth. A very nice combination.

Later we spot oyster shells strewn against the wall opposite the restaurant :-)
Thursday 23 October: After the dinner on Tuesday, we saw a new oden bar around the corner, called Yoshida, so we give it a try before I leave for Tokyo.
A wide counter, only 6 seats.

Eringi mushroom and taro. The dashi is delicious!

Shungiku greens with age (fried tofu), yuba (tofu skin).

Tomato oden!

This is not food but an oden candle I found on the counter...
Friday 24 October: Lunch at Suntory's Hibiki restaurant in Shinagawa. Seared bonito, tofu, various vegs, 10-grain rice.
Saturday 25 October: We meet our friend Peko at the d47 Shokudo on the 8th Floor of the Hikarie building in Shibuya for lunch. The whole floor focuses on good quality food and design items, hand-made by independent producers all around the country, and the canteen follows the same theme.

My Shimane set, with grilled salted mackerel and arame seaweed.

Peko's Yamagata set. What looks like fried chicken is fried fu (wheat gluten), and the round green thing is rice wrapped in greens.
Sunday 26 October: Our JAL flight to Helsinki is on time, which is a relief after the 33-hour delay coming to Japan! The appetizer is beetroot kinpira (fried with soy sauce & mirin, usually made with carrots & burdock.) I must try making it at home...

I just order the starter: 9 small fish & veg dishes, including some specialities from Fukui.

Light meal later on: grilled scallops & seared scallop sashimi. I decline the rice, as I've bought brown rice onigiri at Shinagawa station in the morning.