24 October: Finnair flight from Helsinki to Nagoya. Marinated lavaret (a kind of trout - rather salty), served with a thick slice of very tasty Bengtskär malt bread.
27 October: Dinner with dad at Kogane Hassho opposite our house.

Sesame tofu with crabmeat & water chesnuts (pine nuts and fish roes on top); crisply fried prawn legs; greens and age (fried tofu) in dashi. All yummy, and washed down with a fine Chablis.

Huge amaebi!
Uni is served with nori & sea salt.

Marron mousse with marron cream & silver flakes on top. Mmmmm...

28 October: Champagne brunch at Westin Tokyo, with Peko, Peter and Hide. Eat as much as you want, for 33 Euro. And drink as much champagne (Gosset) as you want, for another 7 Euro!
The food's all very good stuff. Daikon & crabmeat salad with yuzu-flavoured dressing (the white stuff on the left) is my favourite item.
Peko's dessert selection, which is promptly raided by the bunnies.

Hide looks very happy with his fruit salad.

Peter's stuffed ;-)
Afterwards, we move to the bar on the top floor - with a great view over whole town. More champagne for Peko & Akiko, frozen margarita for Peter, port for Hide.

Right: blurred Tokyo Tower and big, orange moon.

Peter photographing the bunnies with the said tower in the background. (Please mail us the result :-)

3 buns, 3 bums.
Akiko, Peko and 3 bunnies go on drinking at a nearby soba noodle bar/restaurant, until after midnight (ie. we've been drinking for over 10 hours!!)

Crispy fried soba seeds, sake, gingko nuts in a basket made of soba noodles.

Noodles with two kinds of dips: soy and sesame.

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