We went to our favourite restaurant, Nomura again...

A kaki fruit appetizer - chilled puree mixed with daikon & mushroom. Very subtle and refreshing.

My first order: uni (as usual).

Scallops sashimi with lime slices. (See the garnish of julienned veg?)

Prawns deep-fried for seconds, so they are crisp outside but still uncooked inside... Yummy.

Deep-fried chesnuts, very slightly salted. Apparently you just cut deep crosses into them before frying, and the heat makes them open up: easy to prepare, easy to eat.

My tempura: uni wrapped in nori (left), and figs (right). Both were absolutely delicious!

Grilled thin slices of scallops wrapped in Nori; oshi-zushi with thick slices of marinated mackerel.

We are not sure if this huge vegetable was just meant as a decoration...
Found on the toilet wall: a "toilet seet cover" dispenser.