2 April: A little dinner party at home. Kousa poses with one of the grilled prawns.

3 April: My father's big party (with 100+ guests, seated around tables for 9-10.) Assorted starters of various seasonal vegetables. It's the cherry blossom season, so the colour pink is often used in food themes at this time of the year.

Another starter platter: vinegared mackrel slices, little cuttlefish (they are called "firefly cuttlefish" in Japanese, as they glow in the sea) in mustard miso sauce.

5 April: A dinner at our favourite restaurant, Nomura (you've seen some photos from our last visit in January). My starter of uni sashimi on the left; on the right, black sesame tofu with strawberry sauce(!!!) which each of us got as an appetiser.

Great big shiitake mushrooms and beans (for grilling, etc.) on the counter + the chef at work.

Fish wrapped in cherry leaves and steamed - with assorted seasonal vegetables - in a boat made of kombu seaweed. It smelt wonderfully of cherry leaves (edible, as was the boat.)

Little (I mean, you can see they are very little :-) omlette slices with chives(?) and tomato pieces, flavoured with dashi, Japanese-style soup stock.

8 April: My father came home for lunch with a 9-piece box of those ball-shaped sushi. I was hungry and completely forgot about taking photos until we'd eaten all of them but this last one! The orange "rose" is made of salmon slices, the "dots" in the rice are fish roe. (And the other 8 were all different designs.)

And so the eating goes on for a few more days...