Monday 7 April: Heathrow Terminal 5. We spot some big kamtschaka crab legs at the seafood bar by our gate.

On board BA007 to Narita: a welcome glass of champagne & a glossy brochure on Terminal 5.
Our starter of salmon & salad, more champagne.

There's a message waiting for me at Narita, that one of my suitcase is still at Heathrow. Both of them come out though - phew. Their luggage system is obviously still in a mess!
Tuesday 8 April: At Amaranth Lounge, Lee treats us to his homemade kejan, marinated raw crab (aka crab kimchi) - tender, sweet and heavenly!

His spicy squid salad is delicious too.

UsaKousa and Cots (from the Cotswalds) with Jun-chan, the lounge's owner.

Playing with the two white bunnies living in Jun's headgear.

June-chan modelling the bunny headgear for us.

Thursday 10 April: Cloth rabbit dolls by Nobert Fiddelers (NL) at Laforet Harajuku.

Later, at Kisaragi Touka in Ikebukuro: Horse mackerel sashimi, and a hot pot of tofu & mushrooms.

Amaebi marinated in malted rice (left), sillaginoid (in thin strips), sea bream and bamboo shoot sashimi.
Slices of Mozarella marinated in soy sauce, with a dash of fresh wasabi - goes very well with sake and disappears quickly!

As for sake, we've tried 8 different kinds between 3 of us - all great stuff, esp. Isaribi from Aomori and Yamagata Masamune from Yamagata.
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