A shinkansen train at Shin-Osaka station: "Ambitious Japan! - Nozomi will come true" :-)

(Nozomi - hope - is the name of the latest & fastest generations of shinkansen trains. This one is a Hikari - light - though, the very first generation train. They are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Shinkansen this year.)

A little snack served with the pre-lunch drink. The tiny boat of thin wafers, filled with salmon roe, egg yolk & white was yummy. And their champagne is always very good - I think we had 5 or 6 glasses - as you can see, it's a pretty big glass too ;-)

Finnair's main dishes are pretty boring, but this selection of Japanese appetizers was nice - esp. the one at the front, marinated prawn and fish slices wrapped around sweet omlette.

UsaKousa got some veg for their lunch.

Clouds at Helsinki Vantaa Airport. They seem to hang quite low here, like in Iceland.

These (reddish) ones look like the tail of an aircraft...

BTW, I've just seen photos of some (what they believe are) "Earthquake Clouds" in a Japanese magazine - they look really weird.

For the Berlin-bound flight, I had pre-ordered a vegan meal, and got this side salad with... carrots, and what are those yellow things that look (and taste) like carrots?? Any idea?