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5 November: We hopped onto a Shinkansen train from Nagoya in the morning, arriving in Shizuoka in time for a lunch. Our friends Ayame & Konori took us to their favourite Thai restaurant, where they had set lunch menu (soup/main dish, rice, salad with chicken, coffee/tea) for under $7 - you can choose from 3 different soups and 27 different main dishes!

Our main course: friend seafood & veg.

Tiny little chilli peppers (very potent!) which they grow in the back garden.
Left: Upon seeing Usako & Kousa, the restaurant owner brought some toys on stick/string - a paper snake and a sponge bunny (with one missing eye and one missing ear) - to our table for them to play with. Kousa was rather offended that he'd thought of her as a little kid :-(
We then hopped back onto Shinkansen, arriving in Yokohama in the late afternoon. We met up with Hanako at the JR station by Chinatown, and first went shopping for Chinese cakes (our dad's request), walking past many restaurants on the way.
In front of one restaurant's front window.
Another one had a big tower of wax lobsters & flowers that look as if they are made of carrots and daikon.
Around 6PM headed for Yokohama Daihanten, where you can order as many dishes as you want for just under $19 (90 minutes only if you book a table, no time limit if you don't, but then you can't do "drink as much as you want".) They already had a waiting list of 30-40 minutes, so we put our names down, sat in the cafe across the road and waited for Peter, who was coming down from Tokyo.

Left: My Green Tea Latte, and UsaKousa's strawberry-flavoured Chinese cookie.
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