An appetizer of bonito slices with orange, grated daikon radish & jellied sauce. The subtle sweet flavour of the orange was perfect with the fish!

Everyone except me had chilled oysters Japanese style (the red stuff is grated daikon mixed with chilli, yellow is chrysanthemum petals, green chopped cibol.)

...and I had baked oysters.

And later shared a fried dish: deep-fried oysters (right) and potato croquettes with matsutake (see below) chunks inside.

The season's flavour: matsutake mushrooms. Each one of these costs a couple of hundred dollars to buy (though there are cheaper imports from Canada, China and Korea are also available.) In the foreground: mackrel sushi (which we didn't try.)

Other than the croquettes, we had matsutake in "dobin mushi", a clear soup literally "steamed in teapot."

Grilled salmon with salmon roe & salmon gonad sauce.

Boiled lily root with plum sauce & chopped shiso leaves.