Saturday, 31 January: A little walk by the sea at sunset. What looks like a bomb in the middle, I believe, is steam rising from Blue Lagoon.

Thursday, 5 February: Another walk at dusk, this time on the other side of the town. Mt. Esja against the background of pinkish sky.

The construction of the Concert & Convention Center has stopped in the mean time. They are still hoping to finish it, but will need another 35-135 million Euro...

Friday, 6 February: 3 geese crossing the street, outside the City Hall in the early afternoon.

Lunch at Sushibarinn.
In the late afternoon, Hilmar picks us up to take us to his & Ragna's house in the suburbs - where I go off for a little walk, while Hilmar works and UsaKousa look out of the window from the warmth of the living room.

The sea looks *so* cold!

Reykjavík across the bay, with Mt. Esja in the background.

White on the ground, subtle colours in the sky.

It's a gloomy, cloudy day, but you can glimpse the sun in the southern sky.

Father and son having a stroll against the sun.

A cat in the window - who kept eyeing me up!

As I head back to the house, the sun comes out and immediately makes the landscape more colourful.

Interesting reflections of the sun on windows.