21 June: Midsummer's Night - and a beautifully sunny evening. We're planning to go for a walk around 1AM and watch the sunset, but it starts to get dark & cloudy after 11PM, so we set off a little early and get to the western coast just after midnight...

...to be met by this beautiful orange sky (and a lone ship? in the far distance.)

UsaKousa enjoying the view.

A little further north, the sky behind Mt. Esja is beginning to turn orange too.

A big moon in the south - and quite a few other people watching the sunset.

A wide view.

The contrast between the dark clouds and the orange sky is amazing.
23 June: Two nights later, yet another beautiful sunset. (Or is it the sunrise? One merges into the other, so it's impossible to differentiate...)

From our kitchen window around 1:30AM.

By the sea 15 minutes later. The most intense red is gone in the mean time...

These guys look like goldfish swimming in water.

So do some of these ones.

Chalk drawing.

Indian ink drawing?
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