Monday, 18 July: a very late breakfast while wi-fi'ing at Sólon i: what they call "tapas" here is not tapas at all, but it's quite nice - lots of prawns in sweet chilli sauce, with toasted bread underneath and aioli sauce on the side.

It's a very sunny day, though it's very windy so relatively cool. We have a quick walk down by the sea after this, but the camera ran out of battery, so no photos...
Tuesday, 19 July: Another really sunny day, less windy, ie. really hot! I had to pick up a package from the post office out of town, which was located inside a big supermarket, so I got to do some slightly unusual food shopping.

Purple peppers - some are almost black, others are paler.

But inside it's boring green : - (

Dijon mustard au cassis.

No idea how they can get away with this: Yorkie Ice Cool Mint flavour, "too cool for girls"!!!
I've never understood why tourists buy still mineral water in Iceland, when the tap water is so good. Still, I *had* to buy this, just for the psychological cooling effect of looking at the bottle! (Yep, clever packaging does work.)

In the late afternoon, I took the bunnies out for another quick walk by the sea.

If you zoom in, you see a peaceful looking bird enjoying the sun.

And a few of his friends too, though you really have to look carefully to spot them.

This one's even more difficult, thanks to the very strong sunlight!
I realised the Vatn! Vatn! piece, snapped last month, was not just a sculpture but also served a practical purpose. But the water flow isn't very strong (looks like an old man who can't piss with any force), and I can't imagine anyone being able to really quench their thirst from this. So maybe it's not *that* practical after all...
Back home, it's dinner time. Catfish** marinated in garlic & dill, then fried with some veg, plus potatoes for me, a little fruit salad for the bunnies. And another bottle of rosé, this time Californian White Zinfandel. A little sweet but it's ok.

**That reminds me: Fast pointed out my incorrect caption a while back. I have since learnt that Icelandic Steinbítur is catfish and has nothing to do with German Steinbutt, turbot. Very confusing though...