Sunday, 5 June: we've had a nice afternoon out in town...

A kid was playing with a motorised boat on the little pond outside the town hall. Two pissed-off looking ducks were sitting by in the middle of the road next to it.

After a coffee with Grétar & Óskar, we walked over to Klink og Bank to see Christoph Schlingensief's installation, "The Animatograph - Iceland Edition" (very loud!), then walked back to the town centre, as we suddenly felt like seeing more art.
As we walked past the harbour, we saw something we'd never noticed before (perhaps because it's new??): a photographic exhibition, documenting different aspects of the fishery, and whole rows of plastic tanks with real fish on ice - various kinds of fish caught in Icelandic waters. There were some weird looking creatures among them...
(The photo on the left shows "a good herring catch".)

False cat shark (Pseudotriakis microdon), Kambháfur in Icelandic.

The spotty one is the Spotted wolffish (Anarhichas minor), Hlýri. The guys in the front are turbot (Steinbitur in Icelandic, Steinbutt in German :-)
Right: Atlantic footballfish (Himantolophus groenlandicus) is called Lúsifer in Icelandic...

And this (below) is his litttle friend? - Forkbarbel throat (Linophryne lucifer), Surtla.

Left: Deep-sea angler (Ceratias holboelli), Saedjöfull; Above: Lancet fish (Alepisaurus ferox), Stóri Földungur.
After that, we headed to the Reykjavík Arts Museum/Harbour House, to see at least one part of the big Dieter Roth exhibition (it's shown at 3 different locations, as part of this year's Arts Festival.)
They have some nice 3-D paintings and installations, as well as a room with all his Reykjavik slides (he has photographed every single house in town!), which are shown in turn on several projectors at a time.
Our favourite was the Dieter Roth Academy area, esp. these turntables. Click here to see the details of one of them, a rotating little chef (MP4, 366KB.)
You can also visit the Dieter Roth Academy online at

Well, our ticket gets in to another part of the exhibition, at the National Gallery, so we'll go and see that tomorrow... Oh, and we've bought some nice bunny postcards too :-)