Monday 23 October: we had an evening free in London, and by lucky chance so did Cynthia, who'd just got back from a holiday in LA. So we went over for a girls' quiet evening in, which turned out to be not so quiet in the end...

We drank pink Cava and nibbled on some popcorns in the kitchen. Cynthia's kewpie lighter was giving Usako an eye, but she was obviously not interested in little boys...

Theese pair of big plastic hands (from USA, of course!) are very practical for tossing salads.

Cynthia, in a pumpkin-coloured top, showing us the Halloween bags she's brought back from the US.

...and her new Halloween jacket.
In fact she had brought back an entire Halloween kit from LA: a plastic pumpkin (the eyes blink as it makes a spooky-ish noise); "Party Decoratifs - Halloween Mix"; "Pumpkin Fresh" spray (keeps the pumpkin fresh for longer); on top of a 14-piece kit containing scoops, pens, tools for making holes in the pumpkin, gems to put in them, candles to light it up, etc. etc.); and a Halloween tablecloth; among many other items!
The plastic pumpkin in action - but soon we had to switch off the sound, as it was very noisy (Kousa especially doesn't like small, noisy things) and just leave the blinking eyes on.

We did some movie clips of the pumpkin, but the G4 is f**ked at present, so we can't do anything with them... :-(((

The girls, the pumpkin and the mushroom lamp on a made-to-order perspex table, with an army of kewpies looking on.

The table legs are filled with tiny kewpies! (Note the one with a bottle of Corona beer in the far left corner.)

And thanks, Cynthia, for a nice evening & the pumpkin candles to take home with us - which we have burning right now.

While we are on the subject of "noisy plastic things",
do check this page out! (28 October, 2006)