Sunday, 10 April: We're stopping over in Helsinki for a couple of days, on our way to Japan. Having arrived here on a sunny afternoon and checked in at our hotel, we walk into central town in the early evening, to visit the places we missed on our last visit here.
Gaselle on the wall of Stockman department store. Don't ask us why.

Hotel Torni, built in the early 30s. We're on our way to the Ateljee Bar, right at the top (where the flag is.)

Bunnies and a glass of white - which costs 8.50 EUR (ouch!) but also turns out to be a very good wine, which is the main thing.

You can see all over Helsinki from up here - no wonder the bar is really busy on a sunny Sunday evening.

A chemist's sign, opposite the Market Square.

Uspenski Cathedral, with the sunlight at dusk making it golden.

The harbout at dusk. There's still a lot of snow on the ground, despite the sunny weather and plus temperatures.

Dinner at Sundmans Krog: Grilled lavaret on a bed of cauliflower, leek, sour cream and dill, a glass of house white, and green salad.

A blurry photo of Usakousa outside the Cathederal, on our way back to our hotel. It's windy and cold, hence the blurred photo.

Monday, 11 April: We've never figured out what this place is all about. Looks like an office.

Lunch at Fazer's cafe on the top floor of Stockman: open sandwich with pan-fried salmon, with sweet pickled red onions on sticky rye bread.

I'm a department store restaurant otaku, and this place is great: stylishly designed, with both function and comfort in mind.

Afterwards, in the food hall. "Vintage Merlot flavoured salt"?!?!

Tuesday, 12 April: On Hakaniemi Square. I'm nipping over to the Market Hall, as it's lunchtime...

The best "fishy" stall in the hall, where I remember buying some fish sandwich on our last visit.

More fishy stuff.

And pies & quiches too.

My lunch, in the end: a bread filled with intense layers of small fish (vendance). Very fishy, and very filling too!

A couple of hours later: rabbits at the Duty Free shop (non-Schengen side) at the airport.

And even later. I meet those small fishy guys again on board Finnair flight to Nagoya, this time smoked. Next to them are grilled Lappish cheese, whitefish roe on toast and smoked elk.

Outside, this is what Karelia looks like from above. (I know, that's a very quick meal service after take-off - but there are only 2 passengers in the Business Class, so no wonder.)