Friday, 7 December: opening of Pablo Zuleta Zahr's exhibition at September Gallery. Bettina Allamoda & Hubert Bächler in sillouette.

Oliver Koerner von Gustorf, one of the gallery co-owners, on the left.
Then we grab a taxi to Hamburger Bahnhof, for the opening of Heinz Emigholz's big exhibition

Heinz, Klaus Wyborny, Wilhelm Hein.

The image in the background is actually a rabbit's eye.

Wilhelm with his video camera - as always :-)

Gabriele Knapstein (the museum's curator), Ueli Etter, Bettina Allamoda.

Patricia Schindler, Martin Schmitz, Yves Rosset.

Ueli Etter, Käthe Kruse (in her lovely Vivienne Westwood dress), Oliver Weidner (Salon Beige).

Matthias Osterwold & Käthe Kruse.

Käthe with her daughter Klara.

Hubert Bächler with actress Carola Regnier.

Heiko Daxl & a friend.

Hanno Bäthe, Lisa Schmitz, Zaki Omar.

We're not even drunk yet!

(And sorry, I can't remember who took these lovely pix for us..)
Bettina taking a photo of Akiko (and vice versa ;-)

© Bettina Allamoda
Later on, at the bar downstairs: UsaKousa with Carola, in her beautiful santa clause red coat.

Saturday, 8 December: a big Italian dinner at Paganini, with Heinz and his friends from Berlin, Zürich, Tel Aviv and New York.

Our mixed salad & seafood salad. And yes, you can still smoke in restaurants until the end of the year.

Back at home: UsaKousa looking at Heinz's big picture book, published to accompany the exhibition.

And at the catalogue of the US/Swiss artist, David Chieppo (with many thanks to Galerie Brigitte Weiss.)

Monday, 10 December: Hubi treats us to an oyster breakfast at KaDeWe again - a mixed plate of 7 different oysters, and a big glass of Sancerre each.

The ones from Normandy are so delicious, we have to order another plate of them - and a small Sancerre again. Thank you, Hubi :-)