Tuesday, 13 February: Met up with Hayley in Soho, and we walked around in the pouring rain, trying to find somewhere to sit down and eat. Unfortunately the places we tried had long queues (on a Tuesday night?!?!?!), including the Kettner's, so we decided to have a drink in their champagne bar and "think about what to do next."

Roses and champagne for the ladies.

Hayley looking "bedazzled" (her own word) - she was very tired, but the champagne soon worked and we had a lively, girly chat :-)
By the time we finished our drinks, there was a table for 2 free, so - being very sensible - we decided to eat, instead of getting drunk.
The Gravad Lax & avocado salad and tuna steak (medium) that we shared were just perfect, esp. the tuna - very juicy and tender.
Still pouring down when we came out... but Hayley braved her way home on her cute red collapsable bike.
(Sorry the photo's rather out of focus.)