Our first drinks: large Warsteiner for Axel, white wine for Akiko.

Axel looking cooler than he's actually feeling after the long, hot journey.

Cheers, Nick! (I'm looking definitely uncool - I need a few drinks first!)
The bunnies are hot and thirsty too...
Axel and his chicken wings (which makes him sweat even more...)

Bunnies & I share a salad.

After the meal the bunnies are still thirsty (and so are we), so we have a few more drinks.
In the end Usako is too drunk and lazy to walk home, and wants to be carried in Axel's rucksack.

After this point, we are too busy getting more and more drunk and have completely forgotten about taking pictures, I'm afraid. We've partied until 7AM - hard on the body, but good for the soul :-))