Saturday 17 February: We're in Edinburgh for Margaret's big birthday party. First we go over to her house, for some food & drinks.

Margaret unwrapping a... heron!

It's a very handsome one indeed.

Among other gifts: a Roger Glover reproduction...

... and an Ian Gillan live photo.

Stephen & Robert dishing out bhajis.

UsaKousa guarding the cakes & the music CDs for the party.
We arrive at Braid Hills Hotel around 7PM. Stephen has brought a canister of helium, and starts filling up balloons, which are then placed on the tables & at the front of the stage. But after about 20 balloons the helium runs out - not very good value for 36 quid! - and the rest have to be blown manually (well, orally.)

Balloon factory.

Fiona at work.

In the mean time, the rest of us hit the bar...

... and nip out for smokes and find a strangely shaped ashtray outside the door.
Back inside, kids are running around with balloons, and Kousa wants to try flying away with one. As it turns out, she is too heavy for flying :-(((

And hearing a few balloons accidentally bursting around the room, Maisie wants to burst one and tries very hard - but no luck there either.

Blowing the candles.

And slicing the cake.

Sandwiches & voul-au-vents.

Pizza slices & pastries (with a chilli dip.)
The "Tartan Twins" at the bar
(left, © Anna Dutton), and lined up for a dance (below, © Stephen Graham.)
Well, as for dance (Scottish country dance, that is!), Akiko's computers are in bad moods again and don't want to do any MPEG compressions, so no clips here... Let us just say it's been a very lively evening!