Easter Bunnies and other related (or unrelated) things we've spotted this spring... You might already have seen some of the images on the earlier, London page.

On our way to London, we bought chocolate truffles in a carrot bag (below) at Leyssieffer shop at Tegel Airport.

Mini carrots from Fortnum & Mason, which a kind cashier gave us for free, as it was "such a small amount"!!

At John Lewis: Marshmallow Bunnies (left) and Bunny Eggs (above.) We didn't know bunnies were born from eggs...
From W.H. Smith at Heathrow Airport: Cadbury's Caramel Bunnies and MaltEasters (individually wrapped ones and mini bunnies in economy packs - inner wrappings have rabbits printed on them too.)

In the show window of the iittala shop in Helsinki, boy bunnies and girl bunnies were having a conference.

We'd bought a girl (left) and a boy on our previous trip.

Down the road at the aarikka shop, they had 30% off offer on all their bunnies.

3 colours and 3 different sizes, hard to choose...

We went for these two guys in the end.

And now we know the Finnish for "bunny" is "pupu" :-))

Finnish elk bunnies?? Posters spotted in Spring Street, SoHo, NYC.

Another poster on 6th Avenue. No idea what it's all about.

Sparkling Yoga Bunny Detox drink from Pret a Manger in NYC.

At Tomoe on Thompson, Fast spotted a scallop looking like a bunny. (Or is it a bunny pretending to be a scallop?)

At Lifethyme Natural Market on 6th Avenue, they had 5 different sorts of these bunny biscuits - and we bought 3 of them.

Back in Berlin, Andy's Easter present to UsaKousa - thank you :-)