Thursday 2 February: Alyson arrives from Manchester in the evening. We decide to stay in and have some drinks and nibbles. As I eat my salad, Diana's blue eyes peek from underneath - a bit scary!
Friday 3 February: Sightseeing Day 1. We walk from Nollendorfplatz to Alexanderplatz, stopping at various places of interest. Looking for somewhere to have coffee on Unter den Linden, we spot the new Peuget showroom - with a bistro inside. So, instead of coffee, we sit down for wine and snack ;-) My "yogurt and leek quiche" and sancerre (they only had French wine) on the right.

Alyson's crepe with apple in calvados + vanilla sauce (her red wine is discreetly hidden from the camera...)

In the evening, at Gnadenbrot: my Meerbarbe (goatfish/surmullet) with tomato & spring onions.

Alyson's rumpsteak with orange and cherries!!

And my Griessflammerie (a kind of milk pudding) with chilli cherries!
Saturday 4 February: We're back at Reichstag in the morning, where the long queue and the bad weather had made us give up getting in yesterday. It stops snowing as we get there, and this time we only have 20 minutes to wait. In the mean time, these guys turn up outside the building - we have no idea if it's meant to be art or some kind of political protest.

Inside the glass dome at the top of the building.

Unfortunately half of the glass surface is covered in snow, so we only have a partial view.
In the evening, we go out with Nigel and Elinor, also freshly flown in from England for the upcoming Deep Purple show. We all have a very nice and relaxed time at Gugelhof in Prenzlauer Berg - the service is exceptionally good for Berlin!

My trout cooked in Riesling.

And from their Alsatian specialities: Flammkuchen (a kind of pizza, much thinner and not so crisp.)
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