Smoke on the Mountain** & Bunnies in the Snow

Crans Montana, 3-5 March 2005

Part 1: Thursday

**Smoke on the Mountain was the official title of the
Deep Purple & Magma concert at the Caprices Festival!

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Flying to Geneva in the morning, then catching a train - along the Lake Geneva shore, past Montreux - to Sierre. From there, 12 minutes on the funicular, and we are up in the fresh, crisp air of Crans Montana by mid afternoon.
Left: View of the mountains on the other side of the Rhone Valley, from our hotel window.
Right: Soon our friends arrive too.
We are in the same company as we had in New York (exactly 1 year and 1 week ago): Anna, Rosie and Bunnie, who have brought a litre-bottle of duty-free Absolut Vodka again :-)

After a drink and getting changed, we go out for a quick meal in town.

Maisie offers to taste the wine for us...

...and nods her approval.

Margaret's perch in lemon butter (above), and my salmon in aniseed sauce (left)
Then quickly back to the hotel, before heading for the venue.
On the rooftop outside the corridor window, there's some pure white snow. Usako & Kousa can't resist jumping onto it and leaving their marking.

In the act...

...and the result.

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