Saturday, 24 February: A mini LVA/Food Group dinner at Chutneys in Drummond Street - with Jez Welsh, Jane Parish, John Drinkwater, Robert Worby, Dave Critchley and Ruby Freeman-Critchley.

Kousa and Robert getting intimate.

! ! !
I hope someone's managed to take some photos of our starters - I was too hungry!

But when our main dishes arrived, we all remembered our cameras :-)

Photographing outselves as usual.

Spot all the cameras & mobile phones in this pic.

L to R: masala dosa and the restaurant's special flat dosa, plus Dave's mobile & saag bhaji.

Mixed veg karahi, brinjal bhaji, something with panir. We also had a dish with potatoes & peas.
Mr Worby kindly keeping his hands absolutely still for a long time (for my very slow camera). Now, this was an interesting dish: looked like fried sauerkraut, but it was a mixed veg, very delicately spiced and light. This and the spinach were my top 2.
My battery ran out so I didn't get a shot of our kulfi (ice cream - pistaccio & mango flavours) or the hot pancakes, but they were yummy too.

Afterwards we had a couple of drinks at Jez's hotel near Russell Square. Getting home was a bit complicated, thanks to the usual weekend disruptions on various tube lines, as well as a very sudden and heavy rain, but other than that, it was a great evening. Nice to see all you guys & girls!

PS. None of us were on the floor or got to wear a pink bunny hat this time :-)))