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Friday, 30 June: after a delayed Easyjet flight from Berlin to Glasgow, we arrive in Carlisle in the early evening.

It has been raining during the day, the rain drops caught between fennel leaves look beautiful.

It must have rained during the night too, as we see on these leaves on Saturday morning.

Cute little pink flowers.

UsaKousa have found a cherry-sized apple.

A baby rabbit (smaller than Usako!) munching away in the garden. (I've only brought my small camera, hence the crappy image.)

A more grown up one in the field. We've seen many of them, but mostly too far away to photograph...

We spot these very bunny looking flowers in the garden. Apparently they're lavender.

"Raspberry Ripples" (some with large chunks of the fruit? :-)

Digging out the potatoes. A rather poor crop this year...

...but we have enough for the dinner. And they are delicious.

A very clever grip replacement :-)

Berry Heaven!

These flowers are covered in fluffy white bits, but my camera has somehow managed to make them look like some strange, fluorescent objects - weird!

Wild strawberries growing all over the garden...

...which UsaKousa had for lunch before catching our train to London on Sunday afternoon.
Monday, 3 July: a nice T-shirt spotted in a bar. It turns out to be an official Marmite merchandise, and can be ordered from (if you want a "j'adore marmite" T-shirt, you have to choose the "LOVE" section when you enter the site ;-)