Saturday, 16 August: prezzies that Dave has brought with him: 3 duty-free bottles of whisky (Talisker 10 years old, Lagavulin 1991, Jameson) and 3 hand-made bunnies from Portobello Market. Thank you :-)

Drinking Lagavulin with the Hodges'

Nuts, olives, 2 kinds of hummus, aubergine & sweet potato pastes, cheese, bread, etc. etc.

A strange creature in the wine shop window.

Alice & UsaKousa.

I fell asleep while Gavin & Dave chatted away...
© D. Critchley

My bags, Gavin's Powerbook, Dave's foot.
© D. Critchley

Sunday, 17 August: Breakfast at Berio: my big salad with feta & olives.

Dave's "Potsdam" breakfast, consisting of 2 eggs & toast.

At Bar am Lützowplatz, Kousa wants the cherry in my Blue Champagne (champagne, vodka, blue curaçao, lemon juice).

A very blurred image of the bar interior. Recognise the space, Fast? ;-)

Vietnamese dinner in Goltzstrasse. The do-it-yourself Gado Gado platter is just what the girls needed. Dave's is fish & veg in a spicy sauce.

Later on at home: all 5 bunnies getting drunk on Talisker and falling all over Dave's Powerbook.

Monday, 18 August: Back at the Hodges' - we're on Jameson this time. Gavin setting up for a group shot.

Sofia, Alice and Gavin.

Tuesday, 19 August: Brunch at KaDeWe. Toasting with glasses of Sancerre, while waiting for our fish to be grilled.

Both Dave's Scottish salmon steak with Greenland prawns & green peppercorns and my South African kingclip fillets are delicious.
Dave waving from the Airport Express bus to Tegel (with Air Berlin ad on the outside.)

Oh, and we did manage to finish almost all the whisky in 3 evenings :-)))