8 March: Had a productive meeting with Dan & Stan, who were in Berlin for the ITB (international travel fair). We went to a Spanish restaurant in Savignyplatz, where I had a butterfish salad.

Dan enjoyed his dish but didn't quite manage all of it...

... which Stan did :-)
9 March: Hubi brought some extra spicy wasabi peanuts from Switzerland (left), and I had some wasabi peas (right) in stock.

12 March: At the Vietnamese cafe in Goltzstrasse - sweet & sour tofu & prawns in garlic sauce.

13 March: Dinner at home - hijiki; green beans with sesame; tofu cooked with shiitake, turnips and garland chrysanthemum; sardines covered in sweet black sesame/grains mixture; daikon & pickles; rice.

14 March: Fruit salad in the afternoon, at the KaDeWe self-service restaurant. (Dave's cheesecake in the background.)

Big fish having his dinner.

Dürer wine for the Spring!

Dinner at home: tuna steak with corriander/lemon marinade, steamed courgettes & baby asparagus, tricolour salad, rice.
15 March: Korean dinner at Rotari - spicy seafood noodles, squid in spicy sauce, kimchi & kakduki (daikon kimichi). I wasn't feeling very well during the day, but felt much better after this!
16 March: Had sushi at KaDeWe in the afternoon, but we both forgot our camera/mobile. Which was a shame, as they had a huge (but cute) stuffed Lindt bunny made by Steiff on the food floor.

Later, diinner at home: Thai seafood salad, fish dumplings, miso soup, daikon with shiso wakame, etc. etc. (basically eating up all the leftovers before flying to London tomorrow...)