Friday 27 January: Flying from sunny & cold Berlin (having consumed 3 big glasses of wine each on the way), we land in equally sunny but warm Oslo. We have over an hour to change planes, so we hang outside and have endless fags.
We arrive in Bergen in the late afternoon, and unpack our booty.
Below: a little fellow we saw on the way to Fast's place.
Right: across the road from Fast's...

Delicious snacks and nibbles Fast has prepared for us. (Green salad is on its way.)

Screen saver on Fast's 12-inch Powerbook.

Gavin & Fast in discussion.

Lots of hand gestures.

Tasting the "chocolatey" Rioja. (Akiko's on Chardonnay.)

Our shoes.
Then Fast brings out 3 sets of glasses, so that we can taste the different single malts - the duty-free Macallan we've brought, and Fast's Glenfiddich and - what was the third one?
Fast pouring the whisky, Gavin looking happy & cute :-)
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