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21 May: On SAS Braathens (the two airlines have recently merged) domestic flights, you have to pay for snacks & cold drinks. On the menu: fresh carrots!!

After we arrived in town in the evening, we didn't get up to much - a quick drink in the hotel bar, and then a dinner in a big fish restaurant by the harbour: steamed salmon & wolffish filets in shellfish source, al dente vegs & boiled potatoes.
Oh, btw, the third bunny (who I suspect is a hare rather than a rabbit) was a present from a receptionist at Radisson SAS hotel Norge.

22 May: I didn't get to photograph my breakfast (half a roll with crabmeat on it, from the fish market), here's the seafood salad I had for lunch.

In the afternoon we watched the DVD of Jon Lord's Trondheim show last year, while sipping VikingFjord vodka drink (both the entertainment & the refreshments provided by Knut, our kind friend from Hell :-)

At the Vietnamese restaurant: Jez photographing Jackie's fish dish.

That's my prawn soup - an interesting mixture of tastes (sweet=pineapples, sour=tamarind I suppose, spicy=chilli, roasted onions, etc. etc. Jez has spotted sesame in it too.) Very yummy indeed.

Fast will know where this is: the cafe of an arts centre by the seaside, with a terrace sticking out above the water, where we went for a drink after the meal. It was a very windy and cold day (I loved it!), I asked Jez and Jackie to "look freezing" for the camera (right). I'll let you decide who is the better actor of the two... ;-)

Usako & Kousa were also wrapped in a blanket, not so much because it was too cold for them but because I was worried about them being swept away by the strong wind and thrown into the sea...
Left: bunnies with Professor Welsh in his office/studio at the academy. Below: bunnies looking at the harbour view from the window. Below left: the roof terrace at sunset.

May 23: at the Trondheim Soloists concert at Korskirken, Jon Lord (in parts where he wasn't playing himself) was sitting across the aisle from me, and I ended up with this sneak shot, in which the lights (very slightly) reminded me of Dave's pic of me (but it's not as good, I know.)

There were some drunken photos taken at the hotel bar later in the evening, but unfortunately (fortunately?!) not on my camera, so you're spared those... ;-)