26 September: Dinner at Gnadenbrot with Hubi (my gallerist from Zürich) and Peko (from Tokyo), plus the Hello Kitty bag Peko's holding for the waiter (who offered to take this photo and who was obviously a big HK fan.) Oh dear, we all look pretty drunk already, but the girls went on drinking champagne all night until 5AM...

28 September: Opening of Art Forum. Hubi's stand - with my tiny video piece on the wall at the back.

Blair Thurman's neon piece, and the artist on the floor, as artists should be :-)

Now the said artist gets up and has a look at my video piece.

29 September: Art Forum party at Cookies, where photography is not allowed, and where we got hese labbit forks with the sweets they were serving.

30 September: David Toop & Werner Durand, live at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse - a truly beautiful concert.

Werner's table - with many interesting pipes on it - as they strike the set. (David in the b/g.)

Later on, at Hasir, where we stop by for some Turkish nibbles.

And out comes yet another camera/mobile phone...

3 October: Last day of Art Forum, I have a quick look around again but find nothing interesting except these: Jennifer & Kevin McCoy's Every Anvil (Gallery Guy Bärtschi, Geneva), a very chic suitcase with a built-in VCD library & play-back unit...
...and this big keyboard (at a Berlin gallery whose name I don't rememher) which is pre-programmed so that you follow individual keys (including the space bar) being lit up in succession, "typing" out a text. Primitive, but it works, and much more fun than watching boring videos & films on display everywhere (mine included.)

Big coffe cups in the coffee lounge.

Back at our stand, Blair is still keeping up the "artist on the floor" practice but doesn't want to be photographed any more.

4 October: Hubi treats us to an Oysters & Sancerre breakfast at KaDeWe - we all agree it's "hit the spot" after a tiring art week. Thanks, Hubi!

Across from the oyster bar is the fish counter. I have never seen this parrot fish before. (Looks a bit boring in the photo, but it really is amazing translucent blue - check out the Wikipedia link above.)