Thursday, 4 October: Dinner at Flo in Amstelstraat.

Right: some Labbit bread (aka Pikachu bread) - please don't ask me what the third ear is for!

My starter: salad with fried mussels, calamari, poached egg, plus antiboise dressing - first time I've tried the latter, it's really yummy so I must try making it myself.

My next course: marinated tuna with rillets of mackerel and compotes of red onion and fennel.

A group shot with a hippo piggy bank from the next table.

A bar on Rembrandtsplein. (I prefer to be naughty around the clock, but hey, this is Amsterdam, not Berlin :-)

Friday, 5 October:
a peanut car in town.

Crab claws from the local market.
And they are trying to be labbits too.

Saturday, 6 October: UsaKousa enjoying the canal view in the afternoon sun.

Afternoon nibbles: we picked up a piece of the caramelly Norwegian cheese and some French cheese covered with grapes - both very tasty and intense in flavour - as well as some big, fresh green olives. The "spicy" hummous (in plastic tub) is nice too.