A lovely little temaki dinner at Noriko's place in Meguro,
on our last evening in Japan.

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Apart from the sashimi we went shopping together (scallops, a white fish, chutoro - medium-fat tuna - and excellent bonito!), Noriko's prepared some delicious salads, and Akiko's brought some left-over stuff from home (spicy cod roe, stuffed baby squid, etc.)
A bottle of French sparkling wine, one of Noriko's cats (sorry, I can't remember which one is which!), Peter's Pentax Optio X (identical to Akiko's), and his glass of beer.
For our entertainment, Peter and the cats provide us with an endless circus act during the dinner.

Bunnies get their own little plates.

Noriko's yummy potatoes (to keep the Germans happy? ;-)

Except Peter doesn't get much time to eat, as the cats keep demanding his attention.

Here's another one waiting...

We spot a jar of home-made plum wine in the kitchen, and we ask if we could tries one of the plums in it.

It's too strong for a baby bunny, so UsaKousa offer to help - though Usako seems to be more interested in the Isle of Arran beer. (Well, she's Scottish...)
The cats seem to be fascinated by Peko's skirt. Here's one of them sticking her head inside - naughty!

Soon they are fast asleep on it....

...but then get disturbed by the bunnies who decide to join them.