Tuesday, 17 January 2012: We're in Zürich for Hubi's birthday party - under the title 48 Crash. Apparently the song is about male menopause!

Before the party: Hubi with a hand mixer and a big pan of soup.

Food pictures on the kitchen wall.

White wine and prosecco lined up on the balcony. We bought the local Riesling at the front at Co-op, it's very nice.

And so is this Prosecco. (Hubi talking while opening a bottle of red in the background.)

Still very early and only one guest has arrived.

Hubi's finally got round to opening the bottle :-)

Later on: some nice flowers brought by guests.

The rose is huge - bigger than Kousa's head!

Much, much later on, when a lot of the guests had already left...

Kousa presenting a heart-shaped, lemon-flavoured biscuits (from Migros) to Hubi.

The biscuit was very nice, but when I went back to buy some more, it was all sold out!!
The soup (one vegetarian, one Goulash) went down well and disappeared very quickly, and so did the sweets...
And here's an MP4 clip of Hubi showing us dance steps to the song (3.2MB) - click on the image to view.

Tuesday, 18 January: at Hubi's gallery, looking at Ueli Etter's new exhibition - UsaKousa are fascinated by this fish fountain.