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Tim was drinking coffee to start with...

I was on Prosecco (and Kousa wanted full attention of the camera, as usual...)

Sorry, I can't tell which cat is which one :-(
Left: the only proper food photo tonight: delicious fresh pineapple chunks. The vino spumante (Ca' Bolani Pinot Brut, 7 Euro something from my local champagne shop) was very good too. Besides that, we had 1 bottle of prosecco and 3 bottles of cava.

Below: much, much later on, in the early morning, we had some Christmas pudding - you can see a tiny piece still left on my plate - and coffee too.

Bunnies saying hello to one of the cats. I don't think either of them was sure about UsaKousa, but they seemed to love my Hello Kitty bags - well, cats!

Gavin giving the cats some late night/early morning excercise.