19 August, 2006:

A working session (honest!) with Gavin, sitting outside Cafe Berio.

Kousa watching Gavin draw.

This big car (Thunderbird) came along and parked right in front of us.
(I have no idea why this shot came out in 4:3 format - I'm still learning how to use my Sony HDV handycam!)

We then took S-Bahn out to Wannsee, where Tina Ellerkamp (one of the director/producers of "killer.berlin.doc") was celebrating her 40th birthday.
One of the first people we saw when we walked in was Shelly Silver from New York - what a nice surprise!
And Stefanie from Arsenal Cinema (the blonde one in the middle - she goes to the same hairdressers as Akiko to get hers bleached :-)
This is the only shot that I've managed to get of the birthday girl :-(((
(And no, Gavin can't stop taking photos...)
OK, enough photos. Gavin now studying the bottle of Sekt we've brought.
Cakes with edible photos of Pelle, Tina's dog, on them.
...and Akiko munching on a piece of... radish?!
...while UsaKousa relax between Gavin's legs.
There was a music event going on down the road, and it ended with a great big firework display, which we all watched from the roof terrace. Beautiful!

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