A dinner at E&O in trendy Notting Hill.

Dave's wine spritzer & my wine at the bar, while waiting for Cynthia. Backlit by Dave's flash, UsaKousa feel like rock stars!

Sweet potato, baby corn & avocado tempura; warm aubergine & corriander salad (with lots of chilli!) The kewpies (freshly arrived from the US) have more manners than the bunnies...
Aubergine & pumpkin curry; chilli crusted tofu with black bean (except we couldn't really see where the black bean was - still delicious though.)
I don't have a shot of our black cod with sweet miso sauce, but I'm sure Dave has. Apparently black cod is not a cod but sablefish (Anaplopoma fimbria).

We've made a lot of mess on the table.

My passion fruit pannacotta. Dave and Cynthia had dessert wine instead of dessert :-)

Caught Dave's flash again.
Dave has acquired extra sets of eyes...