8 May: An evening out in Kreuzberg.

In the window of a comics shop in Oranienstrasse - they are called Dunnies, not Bunnies, and come in various aztec motifs.

Asparagus time at Kuchen-Kaiser on Oranienplatz. Mine's with marinated salmon, Natsumi & Wolfgang had theirs with veal schnitzel. Huge portions for 10-11 Euro!

At Möbel Olfe: two poor bunnies trapped inside a cage above the bar. The waitress was worried that we were some bunny liberation activists!

Above the toilet they have various chairs and armchairs stuck to a very steep slope - very scary to be sitting under all this (though it doesn't look it in the photo.)

Another funny aztec bunny??

Later, at Natsumi's: Kousa & a Villeroy & Boch gold bunny (came from a Lindt easter egg.)