Do you know which Wrapped Building this is...?

Photo by Peter Brune

On 17 June, 1995, Christo began his wrapping of the Reichstag in Berlin.

On the same day, 2,380km away, three artists from Berlin - Karola
Schlegelmilch, Akiko Hada and Wolfgang Müller - wrapped up a bronze
sculpture of Berlin Bear
** in the town centre of Reykjavík.

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** The sculpture was a gift to the City of Reykjavík from the German Embasy, symbolizing the friendship between the two cities. When we looked this year, however, it wasn't standing in the square any more. We wonder what's happened to it, what's happend to the friendship??

PS. We later heard that the sculpture was moved elsewhere, as the house behind it became President's Official Residence and the President was sick of looking at this bear every day - though we're not sure whether the story is true. Can someone confirm this?

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