Beautiful Links for the Bunnies (and humans, too)

Updated: 2 August, 2003

Bunny Related Websites
Hayo Freitag & Michael Herzog's picture book of a bunny, brought online by Gerhard Dörries - especially for us! (Click on the book cover, and sequence of pictures will load itself. Oh, and the text is in German, but there is not much of it.)

You can also click on the author's names on the start page to view
another lovely bunny drawing, or by clicking HERE

Bunny Cult's Homepage
If you're fed up with seeing endless images of someone's pet bunnies on the Web, try this!
Alt Devilbunnies Web Page
This surely needs no further explanation...

Our Friends
(a) visual art, media art, film & video...
Simon Biggs (England)
Michael Brynntrup (Berlin)
Heinz Emigholz (Berlin)
Wolfgang Müller (Berlin)
Eva Maria Ocherbauer (Berlin)
Martin Schmitz Verlag (Berlin)
Shelly Silver (NYC)

(b) music, theatre, performance...
Ian Gillan's homepage
(Japanese & German pages coming soon - yes, we are partly to blame ;-)
Die Tödliche Doris (Berlin)
In five languages!!!
Fast Forward (NYC)
Check out his great recipes, as well as his music & webworks!!
Freunde guter Musik Berlin
The Highway Star
Original Deep Purple fan site - you'll find UsaKousa here as well...
Kazuko Hohki (London)
Hot Air (Manchester)
The home of Matt Wand, Stock, Hausen & Walkman and other sampling gems - great graphics too!
Genesis P-Orridge (NYC)
Ridiculusmus (London)
Stereo Total (Berlin)
Terre Thaemlitz/Comatonse Recordings (Japan)
David Toop (London)
Whitehouse / Susan Lawly (Edinburgh)

(c) graphic design, etc...
Gerhard Dörries (Berlin)
Natsumi Komatsu (Berlin)

A rather nasty Flash game to kill bunnies by throwing eggs at them...

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