Friday, 12 August: Weekend! Party time! We went to Cafe Cozy for a couple of drinks ("what kind of white wine do you have?" "French... and it's not the same one as the one we had last year, I recognise you from last summer"!!!) As we walked over the hill towards downtown, the sun was just setting.
Leifur Eiríksson (left, son of Erik the Red, the guy who discovered America in 1000) watching the sun go down, outside the Hallgrimskirkja.
Saturday, 13 August: Went into town for coffee with friends. On the way, we saw some ducks doing gymnastics outside the Town Hall.
Activists have been camping near the Kárahnjúkar all summer, in protest against the dam project. Today some of them are in town, having a picnic on the square opposite the Parliament building (behind left.)
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