Saturday, 11 June: We're taking it easy today, but since it's such a lovely, sunny day, we go for a quick walk along the coast on the way to the supermarket. There is a nice walking & cycling path down the road from us, along the southern coast of the city.

The sea

Ditto. You can probably see how bright the sunshine was. This was at about 5PM, the sun was still high up.

Then we spotted some fish being dried in the sun...

They look like haddock. (Haddock is the most common fish here - cod is solely for export.)

But before on the way to have a close look at those fish, we came across some other fish on the walking path - and thought someone had dropped them there, but not, it's obviously a piece of "site-specific art"!

UsaKousa being friendly with the fish... (Does that make it an "interactive piece", I wonder??)

The domestic airport is not very far from us, and a small plane that's just taken off flew over us on our way. (And now you see someone else's having a close look at the fish :-)

A little further down the walking path, we came across a couple of benches facing each other, with... a drinking water fountain in the middle?! No, this turns out to be art too. On the base it says "Vatn! Vatn!", on the other side its latin translation, "Aqua! Aqua!"

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