Saturday, 2 July: A morning excursion with our friend Grétar to Viðey, a little island off Reykjavík, to have a look at the new Olafur Eliasson installation (put up as part of this year's Arts Festival), and to have a walk around in the nature...
A peaceful looking lone duck in the town centre harbour.
A plane approaching the city to land, while we wait to embark on our little boat. (The captain also looks after the ticket sales cabin, which he locks up when the departure time comes, and walks over to the boat to let us on. As it turns out, we're the only passengers...)

After 20 minutes' ride, we approach the island.

You can see the Eliasson installation, Blind Pavillion, on top of the hill.
Viðey is known for its birdlife - about 30 species of them breed in the protected nesting area of the island. As we approach the island, we see dozens of birds flying by, and as soon as we get off the boat and walk up from the jetty, we're greeted by this little guy ahead of us.
First we walk up to have a look at the installation...
The piece was actually produced for Venice Biennale in 2003, so it's not a site specific piece, but it works really well with the landscape and the ever changing light of Iceland.

The local birds seem to like the piece too, and every now and then you see one landing on top of the structure.

This guy stayed for a while, and first gave us a musical performance...

... and then a little dance piece, before flying off. Interactive art - we love it!
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