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16 August, 2006: We went to visit Eva, Barbara and Herbert (and the whole bear family) in green Schmargendorf. After a few drinks at home, we popped out for a meal at a nearby restaurant.

Herbert is such a gentleman. As we come back to the flat, he went straight to the kitchen, in search of some more drinks for Usako & Kousa... : - )

Pulling the fridge door open...

That's the sekt the girls were drinking earlier.

Oops, it's heavy.

OK, I've got it down.

Phew, that was hard work.

They'll need a glass too...

Ouch. It's very tight in here.

Back in the living room:
Girls, I'll pour you a glass in a minute, let me catch my breath first...

OK, here you are...
(The other boys in the background are watching football on TV.)

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