Surströmming tasting session in Berlin
Saturday 8 September, 2001
Part 3

OK, it's Akiko's turn...

Making sure I've got enough garnishing on the plate

"God, it's really salty!"
"It's a bit like shiokara, Japanese fermented squid... It has the same texture."
(NB: shiokara is pretty salty, too.)
Tina Ellerkamp (German) gives it a try next.

(Tina) "I don't know what you're supposed to eat here... there's skin and...what's this?!"
(Akiko) "I ate it whole, except the tail..."
(Bettina, looking at Akiko's plate) "So I see..."

OK, here we go...

Again, a long silence follows...
(Jörg) "And...?"
(Tina) "Tastes like disgusting cheese."

...but Vodka washes it away ;-)
And the most dramatic guinea pig tonight...